Announcing our newest service – the RBS Cloud Connector!

Simplifying the way you move, transform, and access your data.

Our new RBS Cloud Connector service is designed to leverage the reliability of cloud infrastructure and features automated error notifications, fault-tolerant execution and flexible scaling options. Avoid the cost and hassle of developing and maintaining your own ETL solution. We will work with you to connect to your data source and destination and can customise the connector for your unique requirements. Some possible scenarios include aggregation from multiple data sources, splitting results to route to different destinations, monitoring input for exceptions and triggering text or email notifications, and more.

Key Features:

  • Triggered on-demand or periodically with frequencies as low as per-second
  • Data can be moved directly or transformed in-transit
  • Can translate to/from Websocket/SOAP connections and REST connections
  • Can be configured to authenticate into on-premise systems
  • Notifications can be customized for errors, exceptions, thresholds and more
  • Endpoints can include real-time dashboards, websites, email summaries and more

Want to learn more? Reach out today and we can discuss your unique requirements.